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Digital Signature Certificate

SNJ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is provide Class 2 ,Class 3 & DGFT issued by sify safescrypt & eMudhra Digital signature certificates that can be issued to Individual or organization for various purposes A Digital Certificate is like the identity of an individual, when he/she transacts/interacts through the internet it uniquely identifies any individual on the internet. It consists of an electronic file called “key pairs” containing the “Private key” and “Public key” of the individual to whom the Certificates belongs, which is digitally signed by the CA (Certifying Authority ) to become a legally valid Digital Certificate / Digital Id).

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Digital Signature Certificate

Class 2 Digital Signature (₹ 1,000.00–1,500.00)

As e-filing made compulsory in MCA(ROC) every director signing authority needs to have their Digital Signature certificate. It's Now Mandatory to obtain class 2 DSC with PAN Encryption for any person who is required to sign manual documents and returns filed with ROC as per MCA21. Also an Individual Class-2 DSC with PAN Encryption for e-filing his return with Income Tax, India.

Class 3 Digital Signature (₹ 2500.00–4,500.00)

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is essential for companies and organizations that take part or intend to take part in e-Tendering processes on various Government sites. Besides enabling e-Tendering which is extremely convenient and transparent, a Digital Signature Certificate also ensures greater security in other online transactions. as a used in IREPS Login, e-ticketing (IRCTC),Trademark, e-Tendering-Procurement, e-Bidding, and ICE GATE Filing

DGFT Digital Signature (₹ 4000–5500.00)

DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is the Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT & Importers-exporters. Export and Import Organizations (EXIM organizations) can apply for licenses online which means that they can also file accompanying documents electronically on the DGFT website ( SafeEXIM uses advanced cryptographic technologies including Digital Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to bring one of the first-of-its-kind solutions to the Indian Market. DGFT Digital Signature Certificate, the Importer & Exporters get 50% waiver in the License Fee. It Reduces the Time around by DGFT to issue licenses. A digitally signed application ensures Non Repudiation, this brining trust and confidence in the entire online Transaction.

Document Signer Certificate (₹22000–35000.00)

If you intend to use our certificate for bulk signing of documents, you could use our Bulk Signer Certificates. We would offer this certificate in PFX file for Class 2 and is sold to Organizations

Type of Certificates


  • The DSC could only be used for Signing a document. (The most popular Certificate)
  • The most popular usage is signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, GST,MCA and other websites.


  • The DSC would be used to Encrypt a document, it is popularly used in tender portal, to help your company
  • encrypt the documents and upload.

Aadhaar eKyc OTP

Aadhaar OTP class of certificates shall be issued for individuals use based on OTP authentication of subscriber through Aadhaar eKyc. These certificates will confirm that the information in Digital Signature certificate provided by the subscriber is same as information retained in the Aadhaar databases pertaining to the subscriber as Aadhaar holder.

Security Guaranteed

Using a Digital Certificate is one of the most secure ways of transacting over the Internet. Another important feature is that Certificate Enabled applications are accessed on secure socket layer SSL (E.g. instead of The SSL enables 128 bit encryption and data traveling between the clients (end user’s) browser to the web server of DGFT, MCA, Income Tax and for Railways thus making it impossible for anyone to steal information mid-way.

Aadhaar eKyc biometric

Aadhaar biometric class of certificates shall be issued based on biometric authentication of subscriber through Aadhaar eKyc service. These certificates will confirm that the information in Digital Signature certificate provided by the subscriber same as information retained in the Aadhaar databases pertaining to the subscriber as Aadhaar holders


For security reasons, your Digital Certificate should be stored on a hardware device, such as a Cryptographic USB Token. These tokens store your Digital Certificate securely and ensures that nobody else has access to your private key except you.
All said and done, the cryptographic USB Token is very simple to use. You simply need to plug the token into the USB port of your computer, provide the password to the token, and perform your signing operations


The Digital Signatures on any document remain valid throughout life, however the Digital Certificate being used to create the Digital Signature is valid for a period of one year and two years. After each year, therefore to keep using your digital certificate you need to pay just the renewed fees for your Certificates.


No you are not allowed to share your certificate with someone else. Giving any other person access to your Certificate is like allowing any other person to make use of your physical signature, Therefore it is illegal to allow it. The full responsibility of keeping the certificate safely lies with the certificate holders under Indian IT Act section